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Happy Healthy Halloween!In 2011, Mrs. Abernethy's Ponderous Pandas participated in a worldwide collaborative project called Rock Our World. The theme of the project was healthy nutrition and sustainability. To show what they learned and to share their knowledge, students researched the topic, created presentations, and prepared a healthy meal for their parents on Halloween. Explore this site to learn more about healthy nutrition, sustainability, and the Ponderous Pandas.

A band from California named Alma Desnuda wrote a theme song for this year's Rock Our World project. They sent the music and lyrics to the thirty-four school schools involved in this international project. Audio recordings of the students singing the song and video of the students dancing were sent back to the band from the students residing around the world. We all await the final music video that Alma Desnuda is producing with the compiled video and audio. The culminating family night of Rock Our World is November 11, where participating schools will meet in a video conference. The band will unveil their masterpiece! Mrs. Abernethy's Ponderous Pandas created this trailer in anticipating of the final music video. Hope you enjoy watching it!

THE OFFICIAL ROCK OUR WORLD VIDEO by ALMA DESNUDA!!!!! See if you can find the Ponderous Pandas!